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Renting a photo booth is a must-have when you have a wedding, corporate event, party, family reunion, etc. on the horizon. For some people who never rented a photo booth before they question the perks of renting a photo booth.

But you aren’t sure what to expect. Is a photo booth worth it? What exactly can it do for you and your guests? We’ve included some information below to satisfy your qualms. Here are some perks that come with renting out your very own photo booth.

Try Out Something New

Digital photo booths have been making a lot of noise in the experiential entertainment industry as of late, and it’s not hard to understand why. The personality of vintage booths has been paired with contemporary technology to produce new, exciting ways to make and share media in event-based settings. 

360 Photo Booth, Mirror Booth, Video Booth, and GIF Booths have transformed the photo booth into an impressive multifaceted entertainment tool. By renting one out for your event, you’ll be able to experience the hype for yourself.

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Maintain Engagement

As any good event planner will tell you, it can be difficult to incorporate activities that don’t retract from the goal of the event. You’ll want something that will energize your guests without derailing the main objective. Photo booths are particularly useful in that regard.

The highly customizable nature of photo booths–in the myriad of frames, backdrops, and services that they provide–makes them a useful complementary addition to whatever you have planned. Photo booths make it easy for you to enhance the experience of your guests, in a way that supports your standard for the event. 

Orchestrate a Collective Experience

Worried that your guests won’t mingle? Don’t be! Photo booths are a great social catalyst. With the help of a photo booth, you’ll be able to connect your guests together in a shared setting. This effectively automates the often overwhelming task of getting people to talk to one another.

There’s nothing quite like taking pictures via the photo booth, and by interacting with each other through that medium, guests share a meaningful experience that brings them closer together. Positive energy abounds.

Capture and Share the Moments That Matter

At the end of the day, events are all about the memories made. Photo booths have the power to make those memories last. What’s more, your guests will make their own media with the photo booth, which means that they’ll have agency in capturing the best moments of and for themselves. 

It’s never been easier to access the pictures, videos, GIFs and more that the Photo Booth can offer. You and your guests will be able to conveniently revisit the highlight reel for years to come.

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