360 Photo Booth – Spelhouse 2019 Homecoming

Homecoming at Spelman College takes place each year in the fall. It is a time to reminisce, reconnect and rejoice. SpelHouse homecoming kicked off last weekend, the energy in the air was like one big family reunion with current students and alum excited to reunite on the grounds of their respective campuses.

Aspire.TV/Xfinity reached out to us looking for a way to stand out from the other companies attending the homecoming event and go viral at the same time. How the 360 photo booth works is a high definition camera orbits around event goers and films a 360 degree slow-motion video. Video are then streamed to an email and social media sharing station where users can instantly access their videos. Our attendant helps to stage users to ensure the best video is captured while an on-site host assists users in sharing the completed product. The company hopes the addition of Lumee 360 will broaden its offerings and help capture new market share. CEO Hassan Terry, stated, “We hope this new innovation can elevate what we offer our clients and help us stand out from other companies.”

Lumee Booth was in the mix thanks to Aspire.TV/Xfinity. Check out some of the highlights of the 360 photo booth. By the end of the event, the 360 photo booth was used over 250 times. Thats a lot of social media video from one event in a 3-hour rental time frame. Thanks, Xfinity, and aspire.tv for selecting us to be there host. We are already looking forward to next year. If you’re looking to book our 360 photo booth for your next event, contact us at rentme@lumeebooth.com.

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