Magik mirror photo booth renal

Our 2020 modern touch screen Magik Magic Mirror Photo booth is completely self operable.

The Magik Magic Mirror Photo booth is one of the hottest photo booth rentals currently. The mirror booth is a hit when it comes to birthday parties, weddings and even corporate events such as exhibitions, forums, trade shows, and marketing activation.

If your having an upcoming event and want to use our Magik Magic Mirror Booth click on the button below.

How It Works

Tempted to touch

Guests see their reflection in the mirror along with a displayed message.

Your sig

Guests sign their pictures with their signature.



Guests approve their images and receive their prints in 8 seconds.

Magic mirror features

Emoji Stamping

Photo Signing & Stamping

Social Games

Social Media & Email Capabilities


60" Full length Mirror


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Value is required
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