What is the size of the Photo Booth?

Lumee Booth open-air booth is nice and compact. The photo booth itself requires a space of 8×8 feet.

However, if your space is very limited, we can fit it into a 6×6 feet area. The space required is because of the backdrop. We contractually have to be within 10 feet of an outlet. Unless an extension cord is provided.

Our 360 photo booth requires 12×12 in space.

What is an “open-air" photo booth, and why is it so popular?

Lumee Booth is Atlanta’s leading modern open-air photo booth service. Unlike old-fashioned boxy booths you see in malls with curtains, an “open-air concept” booth allows your guests to see all the action and become enticed to join in.
An open style also keeps your options open to everything from beautifully posed group photos to unpredictable photobombs when you are witnessing the fun going on before your eyes are contagious! Up to 15 people can fit in an open-air photo booth.

What is a personalized photo frame print design?

We have many beautiful print design templates to choose from. You can personalize our current selection with any text, logo or color theme you would like; just make sure you let us know.

Is it reeeeally unlimited prints? How fast does it print?

For standard packages, you get 2×6 strips with 100% unlimited printing. No kidding. Yes, its true. Like, for real for real! Every guest in the photo can leave with a fantastic keepsake printout. We use the latest 2019 absolute best dye-sublimation printer on the market. High-quality smudge-free photos print in just seconds. By the time you’re finished laughing at yourself on the booth display, the images will be ready. It’s Jimmy Johns freaky fast.

Will there be an attendant on duty to help our guests?

Yes! Our photo booth attendants are highly trained in the art of modern photo-boothing. They will arrive 60-90 minutes before your time, set up and break down the photo booth, assist your guests with printing, emailing photos and GIF videos ready to be posted on social media. Our photo booth attendants ensure everyone has memorable experience at your event. 

What are your backdrop options?

You can view our range of backdrops here: https://lumeebooth.com/backdrops/. We provide you with free backdrops and upgrade options. Other backdrops options like our 12×12 inflatable tent or our green grass wall start at $300, and the Green Screen option is $100+.

Once you select your backdrop, you can add the # and name to your photo booth attendant form you fill out when you proceed with your quote. If your unsure of which backdrop that you want, you can choose later. Your have to make a choice seven days before your event’s date.


What is the deposit required?

We require a 50% deposit to reserve Lumee Booth for the date and time of your event.

Wedding deposits are only 25% of your quote. You can make up to 3 payments as well.

In the case of cancellation within seven days of your event, the deposit is non-refundable.

Can you take black & white photos?

Yes, we got the filters. Most events we print in beautiful colors. For events that want the vintage and classic look of black and white, we created our own modern black & white filters. We have options for color, black & white, or both. Just make sure you let us know, and we can do this for you. Some refer to it as the Kardashian filter.


Does your price include taxes?

We provide you with the final price. As a business licensed in Atlanta, Georgia, we have to add 4% sales tax to all bookings. We use PayPal as our card processor, but you don’t have to have a PayPal account.

What kind of props do you have?

I would say pretty much everything under the sun. We collected a lot of various props over the past 6 years. If we don’t have your props in stock we can get them custom made for you.

Custom props is a add on option under you quote link.

What are the space, venue, and power requirements for the photo booth set-up? Can it be set up outdoors?

– Our booth space requires a minimum of 8′ x 8′ area, a minimum height of 7’11” for the backdrop.


– A power outlet should be within 15 feet, and the ground must be level/dry.

– We will also need a venue provided a table for props. Preferably 6 feet for all of our props.

– If you have an outdoor venue, a suitable shelter away from direct sun, rain, and wind will need to be provided. If your event is outdoors during daylight hours (8 am – 5 pm), please contact us, and we will work with you. 


Do you have a contract?

Yes, we do have a contract that is within your quote link when you proceed to book with us.

Where can guests access the photos and how will I receive the photos after the event?

When your guests receive their image, they will have a gallery link in the email also. Within 72 hours after the event, we will email you a link to our HD Download Gallery, where you can get all your photosYou can share or download all of your images on a computer.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have liability insurance with $1,000,000 of coverage.

If you still l have any questions remaining please email us at rentme@lumeebooth.com or call us at 470-588-7753

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