GIF Photo Booth

Our GIF Booth takes three or four looping photos or short bursts of video (boomerang). They are super fun to make and super easy to share. Its so easy to use your grandpa can do it.

The Lumee Booth creates super fun animated GIFs or still images and delivers them straight to your guests smartphones. The best part is we don’t upsell to use this feature.

Once they step up to use Lumee Booth, they are shown a simple instruction… “Touch for photo” “Touch for GIF” Once they touch the screen Lumee Booth takes a quick burst of photos, turns it into a GIF and shows it on the screen. Guests can tap the “send it to me” button to enter their phone number. They will receive an SMS text message with a link to their GIF. The link will take them to a webpage unique to your event where they can view all the images from that event and have access to the social media sharing buttons (Don’t worry if you don’t want everyone else to see your image – we can make sure your image stays private)

When the event is done you can also get a copy of all the images via a link to a custom gallery that we created for you.

Boomerang GIF

A boomerang GIF (or burst GIF) is a short video clip, that plays forwards and then backward. It gets looped, and then saved as an mp4 video, ready for sharing.

3 Photo GIF

A 3 photo GIF, is made up of 3 photos (duh) and then looped over and over and over and. It gets saved as an mp4, ready for uploading to social media.


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