Different Types of Photo Booths

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Attend a wedding, office Christmas party, fashion show, and a whole host of other events, and you’ll probably run into a Photo Booth. They’re everywhere right now, but [as those of you who aren’t Zoomers will remember] Photo Booths were supposed to have died a decade ago. 

It’s fair to say that Photo Booths have been resurrected in spectacular fashion. They’ve become the newest iteration of a cultural phenomenon that’s been around for a century. So how exactly did this happen? 

From Humble Beginnings…

The original Photo Booth appeared in New York Broadway in 1925, courtesy of Russian-American photographer Anatol Josepho. There were other forays in and around the same technology before that, but Josepho’s model proved to be the first harbinger of a burgeoning industry. 

Fast forward to the 1960s and Photo Booths were being mass-produced for shopping malls, bars, etc, across the country. They were a smash hit, and continued to be until the early 2000s. Which is when the presence of Photo Booths started to decline. 

What was once an entertaining pastime had become a rather stale affair. People were no longer drawn to the idea of spending exorbitant amounts of money on low quality printed photos when they had better selfie-taking alternatives. Go figure. As such, the Photo Booth industry was written off by many as another dinosaur in an unforgiving entertainment landscape.

It took around 12 years for Photo Booths to make a resurgence in the United States. This can be credited to a number of factors. The most notable of those is that technology simply wasn’t up to the task of making them relevant. The Japanese with their Purikuras [which have been around since the mid 90s] were the only ones able to successfully merge new technology with an aging idea. That is, until Instagram changed the game.  


The Digital Booth 


 Instagram and Snapchat revitalized public interest in selfie-taking, and made media more shareable and accessible than ever before. This paired very well with the vintage concept of Photo Booths.

Social media threw a lifeline to Photo Booths, and pioneers of the rebranded Digital Booth took that lifeline with two hands, establishing a foothold in the experiential entertainment industry [i.e. corporate and private events]. 

Today Digital Photo Booths are doing more than just existing. They are effectively dominating the experiential entertainment industry. New innovations like the 360 Photo Booth are happening all the time, making it difficult to peg down the rate of growth in this new and exciting industry. However, the results that we do have are astoundingly positive.

Number of searches for keyword “photo booth’ since 2004 | Google Trends

According to Google Trends, the number of searches for Photo Booths increased exponentially since 2004, before plateauing in 2015. Since then, the “Photo Booth” keyphrase has retained a remarkably high place in the search charts. 

There is perhaps no better indication of that than the fact that Photo Booths have surpassed DJs in popularity for events. 

It looks like Photo Booths aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Hold onto your hats.

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