Photo Layouts


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Lumee Booth can capture one or multiple photos and the software adds branding and creates an attractive layout.

The photo booth can be configured to create the photo layout of your choice or let the user flip through the options after the photos are taken. The resulting images can be shared with a variety of methods and event automatically printed on a high-quality photo printer.

Build Your Business on Fun:  The Lumee Booth® is a great marketing tool for your corporate trade show or for your brand activation campaign!  Whether you are showcasing your product at SxSW or promoting your brand, the Lumee Booth® experience can be customized to be a great promotional vehicle (pardon the pun). And at the bottom of every print is an awesome branding opportunity; we’ll customize the photo print design to add your logo and brand hashtag.

Some amazing brands that have booked the Lumee Booth for brand activation’s and festival sponsorship’s include Apple,, Yelp, Hershey’s, IFC Movie Channel, Intel, Lincoln Financial, and many more!  The exterior of the Lumee Booth has a 19 inch digital display on the back that can customized  with your logo other branding elements – call us for details to request a custom quote and receive our branding dimensions guide.

People Wait in Line to Hang With Us:  We create buzz at your event by getting people into your booth or exhibition area.  People love all the photo booth props we provide and can’t wait to get their photo taken.  People are guaranteed to hang around your booth and engage more with your brand when the Lumee Booth is part of your event.

We Help Your Visitors Remember Last Night:  If a picture is worth a thousand words, consider how much more it’s worth with your logo printed on it?  Your visitors will leave your booth with a brand-customized photo print that we design for you.  Your visitors will have greater recall of your brand and your booth when they take home their photo with your brand prominently displayed on the print.

We Speak Hashtag:  Engage your audience with your hashtags as a branding tool and a fun way to increase your brand’s social footprint. Engage your audience, promote your brand’s hashtag and keep the crowd entertained with free, instant social media prints.